Agustín Spinetto

musician sound artist

Agustín Spinetto is a musician, sound artist, professor and enthusiastic photographer based in Tokyo.  Since his bachelor time in Electronic Arts at UNTREF University in Buenos Aires, he has been working with electronic and acoustic music instruments and using new technologies for music experimentation purposes.

In 2018 he has been funded by the Japanese National Government with a scholarship to study in Japan, where he graduated with a Master’s Degree in Music and Sound Creation at the Tokyo University of the arts – 東京藝術大学 . The result of his first 3 years of studies and music experimentation in Tokyo are manifested in his last album “Made in Ueno”.

His performances cover a wide variety of styles, from Live Electronics concerts to Art Collaboration with visual and plastic artists. He has done several live presentations at Galleries, Universities and venues in Buenos Aires, New York, Seoul and Tokyo. Nowadays, he has been experimenting with synthesizers along with AudioStellar, a new cutting-edge music software based on audio-sample 2D space organization. He also engaged with more popular music productions such as rap, hip hop and noise rock. In 2010, along with Fran López, founded El Orgullo de Mamá, a unique rap band from Villa del Parque, Argentina.