30-hour Dream / 30時間の夢

music performance

“The 30-hour dream” is a collaboration between Andres Duarte Loza and Agustín Spinetto, who live in Argentina and Japan respectively (a trip that takes 30 obnoxious hours by plane). For this composition, Andrés created an extensive and rich folder of audio samples using the Japanese music instrument Koto. Agustín joined these samples with other Japanese percussion’s samples of Taiko, daibyoshi, chappa, kokiriko sasara and more. Finally, the complete folder of samples was arranged in AudioStellar music software by using the t-SNE method for visualization of high-dimensional data. On this video, “The 30-hour dream” is a live performance by Agustín, where the creation of the several Koto’s samples looped melodies are assisted by AI and modified by an autonomous generative process that gradually changes samples from these loops.

30-hour Dream / 30時間の夢 was presented at the Artificial Intelligence Music Creativity 2022 and is the first composition made from the collaboration of 2 artists whose lives are somehow attached by an invisible rope.

In addition, AudioStellar is used as an interface for controlling parameters of an external hardware synthesizer. Every time a colored point is reached in the software’s interface, this sends a series of MIDI messages interpreted by Max/MSP and forwarding them into the synthesizer to control parameters such us notes, filter characteristics and rhythm.