Sounds From Liminal Towns

Art & Sound Installation

In this exhibition, two long-term residents of Japan, Louise Rouse and Agustín Spinetto, artistic researchers from the fields of art and music, contemplate their own future, in collaboration with women who have also moved to Japan from other geographies around the planet.

Our individual and collective memories were printed as reproductions using printmaking techniques and displayed together with the soundscape in the form of exploded boxes, similar to book art. This exhibition sifts the experience of transnational migration stories through the lens of sound, memory and touch.

Louise Rouse & Agustín Spinetto “Sounds from Liminal Towns” 

Tokyo Arts and Space (TOKAS) – OPEN SITE 7 | Open Call Program

Sounds from liminal towns was presented from 2022/12/10 until 2023/1/22 at Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo: Space A (1F), and organized by Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture