You Are Here // 現在地

Art Installation

Where are you right now and where did you get here from? In one room, in the middle of Tokyo, a map is being formed. It represents people from different places and cultures. The common thread to all of them is the fact they are all in the same place at this specific point in time.
You Are Here // 現在地 was an art installation created in collaboration between the graphic designer Roni Shvarts and Agustín Spinetto and exhibited in Tokyo in June of the year 2020. The space was used to create a graph with three axes, representing distance, time and emotion of the participants.
The picture of each visitor was positioned on this map, according to their sense of belonging to Tokyo, the physical distance from Tokyo to their hometown and for how long have they been living in Tokyo. The data was combined and given an exact position on the map for the picture taken. This data was also put into a music composition algorithm that provides a music note for each position on the map. • During the period of time in which the project takes place, the map was continuously growing, with each visitor adding their own picture and data. All the sounds and images were gathered and transformed into a final music piece.