A short period of time and sound

Live performance

This music composition “A short period of time and sound”, was selected to participate in the following festivals and congress: New York Electroacoustic Music Festival 2020, Tama Music Festival 2020, Tokyo University of the Arts Art Fes 2021, Seoul International Computer Music Festival 2020, International Computer Music Conference 2020/21 and Max Summer School in Geidai 2020.
Apart from Audiostellar, the sound sources for this work are Sequential Prophet 6 synthesizer, Max/MSP. The audio samples used were recorded from Lechu Beckerman’s drum, on several recording sessions, Daniel Vac’s playing Bandoneon at my studio, probably around the year 2016 and also synthesizers sounds from Roland system 700, Moog Minitaur and Prophet 6.
This composition was part of my graduation work for the Music Creativity and the Environment Master Course at the Tokyo University Of the Arts.